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Spring King Pin Kit
Size: 35x165mm

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The elastic cylindrical pin, also known as the spring pin, is a headless hollow cylindrical body, which is slotted in the axial direction and chamfered at both ends. It is used for positioning, connecting and fixing between parts; it needs to have good elasticity and resistance to Shear force, the outer diameter of these pins is slightly larger than the mounting hole diameter.

Slotted Spring Pins are general-purpose, low-cost components used in many fastening applications. Compressed during installation, the pin Apply constant pressure to both sides of the hole wall. Because the pin halves compress during installation.

The elastic action should be concentrated in the area opposite the groove. This elasticity makes slotted pins suitable for larger bores than rigid solid pins poor, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of the parts.

Product description

item Spring pin
Material 45# steel
Place of Origin Fujian, China
Material 45# steel
Packing Neutral Packing
Quality High-Quality
Application Suspension System
Color origin color
Certification IATF16949:2016


How do you know if the steel plate pin bushing is loose?

When the steel plate pin and bushing are worn and the gap between their mating surfaces exceeds 1mm, the steel plate pin or bushing can be replaced. When replacing the bushing, use a metal rod that is smaller than the outer circle of the bushing and a hand hammer to punch out the bushing, and then press the new bushing in (a vise or other equipment can be used, if the steel pin cannot be placed in the bushing) Use a reamer to ream the hole and gradually increase the diameter of the reaming hole until there is a slight gap in the copper plate pin bushing without shaking.

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